Everything rises and falls on leadership. -- John C. Maxwell
“The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.” --- Theodore Roosevelt


Hernani Cualing M.D.

After Alex P informed me that he saw Hernani on fb, and was actually just waiting friend confirmation from him,   I decided to follow suit and made contact with this msg:

"Hi Hernani. This is Malou D here. Lex Parayno mentioned about waiting for confirmation regarding his request for friendship. I thought hanapin ko rin  si Hernani and here I am now. I know someone mentioned about you turning out  to be a doctor. I can  see from your profile picture that you are because you emit that look that only doctors possess - a distinct aura of gentleness and you don't look a year older except perhaps for the hairline he he

I hope we get to have a glimpse of what it's been like after high school and the university. For starters, we know you're a doctor, so what is your specialization? My best regards to you and your family".

Sending this message reminded me that from what I heard,  our class produced a couple of medical doctors: Priscilla A, Salome S, Benigno V and  Hernani C.

And so I eagerly awaited for Doc Hernani's reply.

The following day he sent this response:

"Malou, It is very nice to hear from you. You write  like I could hear your voice close by... Something in all of us keeps and cherishes well the joyful memories of Khaki days at RMHS ... pls let me know what else are going on your side of the waters. Best regards and hope you and your family are well too. Best wishes and pls post your pic so I could see you too. Hernani".

What I foud out about Doc Hernani from his 42 page CV published on the web is that,  he is  now a recognized Hematopathology Specialist in Tampa, Florida, United States. Doc Hernani is currently a Principal of  the Cutaneous Lymphoma Study Group, USF/ Moffitt Cancer Center. He is also an Associate Professor at  Department of Pathology and Cell Biology at the University of South Florida College of Medicine.

He has won so many awards, scientific research grants,  published medical research papers;  in his cap,  dozens of peer reviewed publications, not to mention medical patents . He's been a teacher, mentor, lecturer;  I can't even begin to enumerate all of them here. Additional details on his professional life here and here.

woohoo :-)

I  will always remember Hernani as the quiet but friendly classmate you can always count on  -- to help or to assist, to cheer. He had a questioning mind, even then. Always came to class prepared and was actually very good in almost every subject.

Well done classmate. I,  and if  I may, and   in behalf of our class say: CONGRATULATIONS DOC HERNANI. You have definitely made the grade. We are so proud of you!

What an honor to have been in the company of this man.